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First Aid
  • Aboca

    Bianacid 45 Tablets

    Protect the stomach relieve heartburn
    The chewable tablets Bioanacid characterized by the synergistic action of mineral components, useful for ensuring normal stomach pH, and freeze-dried extracts of medicinal plants with healing properties.
    Price: 13.50 €
    9.45 €
    - 30 %
  • Pharmasept

    Flogo Calm Cream 50ml

    Special healing cream for thermal, solar and chemical burns
    Price: 7.89 €
    5.13 €
    - 35 %
  • Power Health

    Alpenkraft Candies 75 G

    Alpenkraft Candies 75 g
    Candies for the throat with selected herbs and essential oils.
    Price: 5.33 €
    3.73 €
    - 30 %
  • Aboca

    Propol2 EMF no alcool spray

    Propol2 EMF no alcool spray helps the natural defenses and is useful for the wellbeing of the oral cavity, especially during winter. 
    Price: 12.84 €
    8.99 €
    - 30 %
  • Lamberts

    Glucosamine Complete 120 Tabs

    Glucosamine Complete 120 Tabs
    Glucosamine Complete is new to the Lamberts® range 
    This unique formula is probably the most comprehensive supplement for Joints available. 
    Three tablets provide the full 1,500mg of Glucosamine Sulphate that studies have confirmed as an effective dose. 
    And of course it goes without saying that Lamberts have used the highest grade of Glucosamine Sulphate available that is close to the profile of naturally occurring Glucosamine produced by the body, as they do in all their Glucosamine products. 
    Price: 41.28 €
    24.77 €
    - 40 %
  • Health Aid

    Heartmax - 60 Capsules

    HeartMax™ has been specially formulated to combine the benefits of Omega-3 EPA/DHA with Garlic, Amino Acids, and powerful Antioxidants; to help maintain a healthy heart, circulation and cholesterol levels. 
    Price: 32.99 €
    23.09 €
    - 30 %
  • Vitabiotics

    Visionace® Original 30tabs

    A comprehensive supplement which contributes to the maintenance of normal vision.
    Recommended by leading UK optometrists and eye care specialists, Visionace® is a unique research based supplement. Each tablet contains nutrients such as vitamins A, B2 and zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal vision as well as Bilberry extract.
    Price: 15.02 €
    10.51 €
    - 30 %
  • Opti-Free

    Express 355ml

    To clean, disinfect and remove protein from your contact lenses
    Price: 10.50 €
    6.83 €
    - 35 %
Teeth - Oral Hygiene
Diagnostic - Consumables
  • Futuro

    Wrap Around Wrist Support

    Provides support to stiff, weak or injured wrists. Wear during activities which lead to discomfort.
    Price: 15.85 €
    11.89 €
    - 25 %
  • Futuro

    Stabilizing Back Support Small/Medium

    Provides support to a stiff, strained or aching back. Use when support is needed for daily activities or exercise.
    Price: 49.25 €
    36.94 €
    - 25 %
  • Futuro

    Soft Cervical Collar

    Designed to provide relief from pinched nerves or tightness in neck.
    Price: 28.00 €
    21.00 €
    - 25 %
In Pharmacy category you will find liquid for contact lenses, vitamins and syrups both for prevention and treatment of colds, first aid supplies and everything for your oral hygiene.  You will also find blood pressure monitors, thermometers, pregnancy tests, blood test strips and a wide variety of orthopedics. Products from well- known and trusted companies such ORAL-B, Power Health, Iansaplast, Bausch And Lomb, Aboca, Omega Pharma,Futuro, Clearblue, Microlife and many others.