Promo Normal Solution Ampoules 30X5ml & Gift Normal Solution Ampoules 18X5ml

Promo Normal Solution Ampoules 30X5ml & Gift Normal Solution Ampoules 18X5ml

Promo Normal Solution Ampoules 30X5ml & Gift Normal Solution Ampoules 18X5ml

Physiological Solutions Pack
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Physiological Solutions Pack: Promo Normal Ampoules 30X5ml & Gift 18x5ml Normal Solution

Normal solution (ampoules) for cleansing and moisturizing the nose.

Gently cleans the nasal cavities
Moisturizes the nasal mucosa
Helps remove nasal secretions
Otrisalin ampoules are recommended for:

gentle cleaning of the nasal cavities when the nose is clogged, for example during a cold or in allergic situations, by rubbing excess mucus or allergenic particles, such as dust or pollen
the hydration of the nasal mucosa when it is dry or irritated, in cases of minor nasal irritation or due to low humidity (for example in heated / air-conditioned rooms, high altitude, air travel)
the dilution and thinning of the nasal secretions to facilitate their removal.
Otrisalin ampoules are particularly suitable for daily cleansing of infants' nose, which are not yet able to blow their nose:
Daily cleansing dilutes nasal mucus and helps remove excess nasal secretions, which can change infants' quality of life (poor sleep, difficulty feeding). It helps infants breathe and feel better again.
In the case of excess mucus, it is recommended to use Otrisalin nasal blocker immediately after the solution is instilled. Concomitant use of the nasal obstruction Otrisalin with saline solution facilitates removal of mucus from the nose and thus helps reduce the risk of further complications, such as otitis, sinusitis and / or cough. It also improves the quality of infants' sleep during a cold attack.
Otrisalin ampoules are a sterile and no preservative isotonic physiological solution with 0.74% sodium chloride.
The salt concentration has been optimized to avoid any nasal irritation.
The solution contains castor oil, which is known to have moisturizing and emollient properties.

More Information
User Guide

The usual frequency of use is 2 to 4 times a day per nostril.
Wash your hands carefully before opening the vial.
1. Blow the nose, if necessary.
2. Separate a vial and remove the lid.
3. Tilt the head backwards and place the tip of the vial directly into the nostril.
4. Gently squeeze the vial to make a few drops, and harder if more thorough cleaning is required. Repeat on the other nostril.
5. Wait a few seconds and then blow the nose if necessary.
6. If you want to use the remaining solution later, close the vial by pressing the lid on the neck of the vial. However, the contents of the vial should be used within 12 hours after the initial opening.
For hygiene and to avoid contamination, the vial should only be used by one person.

Suitable for infants, children and adults. Ask your doctor for advice before using it in an infant younger than 2 weeks.

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